Hints and Tips for those requiring sign writing..

  • There are many different types of vinyls, all of which are designed for different uses. When getting a quotation from a company, always make sure they are providing you with the correct vinyl for the project you are undertaking with them...ie If you are enquiring about a vehicle wrap, make sure they are using vehicle wrapping material! Should you need a banner, make sure you use banner vinyls.


  • Are you a designer? Are you designing a logo? Remember, vinyl colours dont match Pantone colours so it may be worth obtaining a few vinyl swatches as colour references BEFORE you choose your Pantone colours.


  • Sometimes we need artwork, a JPeg or an EPS vectored image saved no later than version 5.5 should be enough. Your printer should be able to provide you with this, either by email, disc or memory stick. This will save you time and money if you can provide one of the above!


  • Are you requiring vinyl graphics or lettering for your office walls? Generally we advise the walls be painted with an oil based eggshell paint not a matt emulsion. Vinyl does not adhere strongly to matt emulsion finishes.


  • Everyone in business uses a company name, it is always handy to make a note of the fonts/letterstyles you use within your logo and company details, making it easier to identify them when designing your signage or project.


  • When emailing us with an enquiry please leave your phone number if possible as this will enable us to contact you directly to discuss your requirements. We want to deal with your request promptly and efficiently.


  • Remember, when downloading an image for printing, the higher the resolution the better the image. Images can be found and downloaded from specific stock image sites and are usually very reasonably priced.