Sussex Car Wrap and Vehicle Wrapping

As such, the relatively new art of car wrapping found its own niche in branding and marketing and as has progressed leaps and bounds since its emergence a few short years ago. From its humble origins the vinyl car wrap now offers both serious brand benefits to businesses and also individuality to consumers, creating an entirely unique individual branding opportunity.

Its your choice...Colour and Effect

The car or vehicle wrap can do more than merely act as a mobile billboard as it looks far more striking and unusual than regular vehicle sign writing or customised car decals…And with the development of new and exciting colours and effects, vehicle wrapping is becoming more and more popular.

Choose one of the many vinyl effects or simply use your own design to match your corporate identity!

Beyond vehicle sign writing: Car wrapping...

Car wrapping will instead take your image to new horizons and is as such regularly chosen over vehicle signwriting by marketeers to not only create brand awareness of your company and its services but also to promote specific products either singularly or as in joint marketing exercise with other companies. Wraps are commonly applied to cars for trade shows and exhibitions or for specific projects.

Vehicle wrapping and marketing...

Vehicle wrapping (wraps applied to lorry cabs, trailers, works vans or even mobile exhibition stands) is a rapidly growing choice for fleet vehicle owners and corporate marketeers.

Opportunities have now long extended beyond what was once only a single colour vinyl wrap (used to change the colour of a car to a company brand) and on to complicated and sometimes very highly detailed digitally printed images and effects including carbon fibre, matte and denim textures. This takes the potential from mere uniformity for fleet vehicles to highly eye catching designs that get noticed and talked about.

Many cars or vans, seen everyday, with seemingly complicated paint jobs are in fact wraps. Such as the Sky TV van or the infamous X-Ray BMW Mini Cooper. The future for your car, your van and the vinyl wrap is a bright one!

As such the car or vehicle wrap is now often applied on all items seen by the public from large scale fleets of lorries down to static exhibition equipment. The ability to decorate almost any item at print quality pays enormous dividends without threatening the initial investment of the vehicle as they are so easily removed.

Car wrapping and paintwork protection...

A car wrap offers more than pure branding opportunities but includes the added benefit of protecting your car’s paintwork for years on end with relatively easy removal when you come to sell the car.

It is therefore easy to see why vehicle wrapping is becoming increasingly commonplace throughout business and the private sector. While many car wraps are chosen for commercial purposes, there is also a growing demand for personal designs and effects within the car enthusiast community…

It is not unusual to see a car wrap include flames or bubbles or even cartoon characters.

The list is endless, in fact the only limit is your imagination!